The poster for this Seasons without Borders event.

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Join amateur astronomers around the world on December 21-22, 2009 by taking your telescope out to share the sky with the public. On this day the Sun reaches its farthest point south in the sky, marking the beginning of summer in the southern hemisphere and the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere.

Would your group like to talk about the solstice with another group in the opposite hemisphere where the weather change is the opposite? Would you like to share a video connection with direct comparisons of the Sun's position with the other hemisphere? Or talk about the most important constellations each other's hemisphere?

Send email here to register for these official activities. All astronomy clubs and other interested groups can participate. AWB Affiliate groups will post their reports and photos of the event in the AWB forum and gallery.


The Day The Earth Smiled

Cassini 's portrait of Earth on July 19, 2013 The world watched on July 19, 2013, as NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps Earth's image from the far side of Saturn. With the brilliant light of the Sun blocked by Saturn itself, the ringed planet loomed large in the foreground, with Earth appearing as a very distant "Pale Blue Dot." “It was a day for all the world to celebrate,” said Cassini imaging team leader Carolyn Porco of the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, who first recognized the unique opportunity to create this new view of Earth. AWB was proud to...
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