Remote observing provides an exciting new way for people to discover the wonder and beauty of the Universe. Through the Internet, they can meet together at a remotely located telescope, crossing borders and sharing the excitement for the Universe without leaving their homes. We invite you to discover what remote astronomy can do for you. It's a chance to feel like a scientist while having fun with friends from around the world.

Is there anybody out there?” is the topic of our April 7 remote observing session. This is the question people most often have in mind when pondering the vastness of the heavens.  To date, astronomers have discovered about 450 planets outside the Solar System - the first step toward an answer to this question.  During GAM2010’s April 7 remote observing session, we will be examining live the “fingerprints” of one of those exoplanets, sharing the excitement with you and your online friends wherever you are.

Dates: 7 April 2010
Time: 00.00 UT

Go to the Virtual Telescope event site for more information.


The Day The Earth Smiled

Cassini 's portrait of Earth on July 19, 2013 The world watched on July 19, 2013, as NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snaps Earth's image from the far side of Saturn. With the brilliant light of the Sun blocked by Saturn itself, the ringed planet loomed large in the foreground, with Earth appearing as a very distant "Pale Blue Dot." “It was a day for all the world to celebrate,” said Cassini imaging team leader Carolyn Porco of the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, who first recognized the unique opportunity to create this new view of Earth. AWB was proud to...
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