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GAM Sponsors


Explore Scientific, a manufacturer of quality optical instruments, is holding a Telescope and Eyepiece Sale through May 1, 2010 in celebration of NEAIC and NEAF April 15 to 18. If you're attending either event stop by the Explore Scientific booth to see the latest products and sale items.


The diverse abilities of Net-Source's in-house staff create an energetic, creative and resourceful group that gives Net-Source Technologies the ability to develop solutions in a time critical environment. The Internet and E-Business industries are constantly changing and evolving. Net-Source Technologies has proven its ability to be flexible and upwardly mobile to respond to change when necessary, conveying a sense of creativity and innovation. The difference is in the details.

Robert L. Eklund Writing Services

Bob Eklund ( is a freelance business writer as well as an astropoet, an amateur astronomer and the Editor of the AWB/GAM website. He provides writing and editing services ranging from improving and polishing the English in translated documents (from any source language) to writing/editing business correspondence, proposals, newsletters, and web pages. Author of a book of astropoetry and essays, "First Star I See Tonight" (see or email [email protected]), Bob is familiar with the reqirements of book editing and can assist with writing, editing, and proofreading book manuscripts. You may contact him at [email protected].


Global Programs

Below are Astronomers Without Borders global programs and others during GAM2010.

For more information on each program click on the link.
For a list of each program type click on the Program Type or use the menu to the right.

calendar-icon GAM Global Programs Calendar

April Date, Time Program Program Type
Ongoing One Star at a Time: Fight light pollution (coming soon)
Dark Skies
Ongoing Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena: Report and learn about sightings
1 - 30
30 Nights of StarPeace: Astronomy for peace
Physical Events
1 - 30
The Universe at Your Command: You take control Remote Observing
Ends 9 April Spirit of Innovation Awards: Vote for your favorite Other
Ends 29 April Astropoetry to GAM2010
4 - 10
International Dark Skies Week Dark Skies
5 April 18.00 UT Online Messier Marathon: Observe all the Messier objects remotely
Remote Observing
7 April 00.00 UT Is There Anybody Out There?: Exoplanets
Remote Observing
11 to 16 April Saturn Watch Planetary Events
11 April SunDay Solar Events
11 April 12.30 UT Here Comes The Sun!: Watch the Sun remotely
Remote Observing
12-16 April Solar Week Solar Events
12 April Yuri's Night
15 April 21.30 UT Write Your Name in the Sky!: Find an asteroid remotely
Remote Observing
16 April Beatuy without Borders - Saturn for All Planetary Events
17 to 23 April Lunar Week Lunar Events
20 April World Night in Defense of the Starlight Dark Skies
21 April 2010 19.30 UT Walking on The Moon: Observe the Moon remotely Remote Observing
21 and 22 April Lyrids Watch: Meteor Shower
Physical Events
22 April 21.00 UT Across The Solar System: Tour the solar neighborhood remotely
Remote Observing
24 April Global Star Party
Physical Events
24 April Astronomy Day
28 April
Cosmic Concert - an online musical concert
30 April
Cosmic Depths - remote observing session
30 April
Naming X: Film


GAM Bloggers


Arif SolmazArif SolmazCanakkale Astrophysics Research Centre & Ulupınar Observatory
Canakkale, Turkey
Age : 26
Interests : Astronomy, science, education & public outreach, astrophysics, exoplanets, life in the universe.

I’m a Space Sciences and Technologies graduate student at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU) in Turkey.I graduated physics department in 2007. My thesis is about ‘A Status Report and Planning of Future for Exoplanet Observations . I’m interested in this topic and effects on society. COMU has an astrophysical research centre and observatory, I’ve been working there since 2004 ,and now coordinate Science & Society W. Group. I’m generating a special web site for Beyond IYA2009 nationwide activities, translating some scientific news from Science@NASA, The ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercise Series, NASA Space Math and Sun-Earth Day.

My city :
The province of Çanakkale is located on the Dardanelles (ancient "Hellespont") in the northwest of Turkey with coasts touching both Europe and Asia. The history of the early inhabitants of the region goes back six thousand years or more, encompassing the ancient city of Troy, famous from Homer's "Iliad", and Assos, where Aristotle opened his first "lyceum" and began writing his book "Politics". Many visitors come to pay their respects at monuments on the Gallipoli Peninsula, famed for its World War One battlefields. Çanakkale possesses unique geographical attributes and millennia of historical wealth. It has been the scene of many mythological events and legends belonging to the various cultures which have flourished here.

Although from time to time you may find yourself immersed in the area's long and varied history, you will also find that the city of Çanakkale itself, the regional capital, possesses all modern conveniences and amenities. With a vision that embraces the concept of a "City of Peace", Çanakkale is sensitive to world problems. It is engaged in many pilot projects and international cooperative ventures. This is not coincidental. The Dardanelles Strait connecting the Aegean and Marmara seas has always been of great strategic importance in its role as the entrance to, and protector of, the city of Istanbul.


Lee Pullen
IYA2009 Secretariat, International Astronomical Union
Bristol, UK
Age : 24
Interests : Astronomy, photography, cake. Not necessarily in that order.

Lee is a science communicator based in England. He works on a variety of journalism and outreach projects, most of which are bizarre. Lee believed that science communication would be a fast-track to fame and fortune. He was wrong.

My city:
Bristol is a slightly charming city in South West UK. It is famous for its friendly locals, variety of ciders, and farmer-like accents. Bristol is the UK's eighth most populous city, which at least means it's in some kind of top ten.


Mike Simmons
Astronomers Without Borders
Calabasas, California, USA
Age : 60
Interests : Astronomy; and international relations through science

I've been an amateur astronomer my whole adult life and studied astronomy in college but I made a living in another area of research at a university. But I've stayed involved in astronomy all along and done a lot of public outreach, both in amateur astronomy clubs and as a telescope operator at Griffith Observatory. I was the founding President of the Mount Wilson Observatory Association and have been very fortunate to be involved in outreach and education activities there for almost 30 years. After retiring from the university in 1995, my astronomy-related travels for eclipses and meeting other astronomers led to founding Astronomers Without Borders, where I now spend all my time. During IYA2009 I was co-chair of the 100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project and involved in other ways. I'm now working on continuations of IYA2009 programs and new ones through Astronomers Without Borders.

My City:
Astronomers Without Borders is global but the "headquarters" is my home office. I live in the hills of southern California in a quite rural area with clean air, wildlife and the Milky Way just visible on most summer nights.


Oana Sandu
The Practice, part of Leo Burnett Romania
Jr. PR Manager
Bucharest, Romania
Age : 24
Interests : astronomy; science communication and public outreach; public relations; volleyball & cycling

Oana loves combining two of her greatest passions: astronomy and public relations, which results in science communication and public outreach activities. She obtained her University Degree in Communication and Public Relations and her Master’s Degree in Public Opinion and Marketing. She works as Jr. PR Manager for The Practice PR consultancy, part of Leo Burnett Romania. At the same time, she is coordinating public relations activities for several entities: The Space Generation Advisory Council, World Space Week Association, Astroclub Bucharest and UNAWE Romania. She writes at the Romanian astronomy magazine, Vega, and she is an amateur astronomer. In 2009, she coordinated the communication for three IYA2009 cornerstone projects: She is an astronomer and 100 Hours of Astronomy at national level and Galilean Nights for Bucharest.

My city:
Bucharest is like a rusty time machine. As you walk around the streets you travel from inter-war villas and idyllic promenade streets to communist block of flats, from royal palaces to modern glass offices and back to the biggest civil building in the world done by communists. The transition is never soft, but rather brutal, which makes it fun eventually, once you get over the jet lag.


Peggy Walker
BA Sidewalk Astronomers & Astronomy Club of Tulsa
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
Age : 49
Interests : Astronomy outreach, and wants to learn radio astronomy

I started in astronomy 3 years ago, and was the IYA 2009 coordinator for the Astronomy Club of Tulsa. The club hosted monthly star parties with Night Sky Network presentations and I introduced sidewalk astronomy to the club at two large business locations for Friday and Saturday nights, one time a month. Due to our presence in the community, we have had over 50 people join the club (currently highest membership) and have a 98% retention rate.

My city:
Broken Arrow is the third largest-growing city in Oklahoma, and is part of the "Bible Belt" of the US. Is the home of one of the largest international ministries. Broken Arrow has lots of families and is a great place to raise children.


Thilina Heenatigala
Sri Lanka Astronomical Association
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Age: 23
Interest: Astronomy Education, Teaching, Writing, Traveling, Fashion Designing – yes cooking and cheese cake! Not forgetting my addiction to House/Trance/Electro music!

Ever since a kid, his ultimate goal is to become an astronaut – more interested in becoming one of the first astronauts to go to Mars. While in pursuit of that goal, he enjoys conducting astronomy programs locally and globally.
When not doing astronomy (that’s a hard time to find), he’s busy writing, traveling, cooking, and being a part time fashion designer.

My city:
Colombo is the urban city of Sri Lanka. We have light pollution problems—to get good skies you need to go out of Colombo. But I still manage to observe under urban skies. It's challenging.


Sotira Trifourki
Space Connections
Manchester, UK

Interests : Plasma cosmology, galaxy formation and high-energy astrophysics.

I was bitten with the Astronomy bug when I was 12 years old and decided I wanted to be an astronomer. I currently run Cosmos Media as my own social enterprise, which aims to support the educational needs of disadvantaged learners. As STEM Advisor at Space Connections I develop educational programs, activities and events to support Space and Astronomy education across the UK, including workshops for the WOW Space Bus which brings space into the classroom. As a researcher I study high energy objects, and I am involved in the development of a new field of Cosmology, in which electromagnetic fields play a larger part in the large scale processes in our Universe.
In my spare time I enjoy going to music festivals, gigs, and exploring our beautiful planet with my son Alexander.

My city :
Manchester, in the northwest of Britain, is known as the city of four seasons in one day. Many famous scientists and astronomers have come from the area. The Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope is based at the University of Manchester, and the city is famous for Manchester United and its music scene. We have around 30 clear nights a year, so for observing, run for the hills! The good news is that Manchester is close to the Peak District, which is a national park and perfect for finding a dark sky.


Salim Ansari

Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Age : 49

Salim holds a PhD in Astrophysics from Vienna University, Austria. He has been with the European Space Agency since 1991. In 2000 he moved to ESA/ESTEC in the Netherlands and joined the Science Directorate. He was involved in Gaia, the billion-star detector from 2001 to 2005, where he created the first Astronomical Virtual Organisation, which was known as GaiaGrid. Currently, Salim heads the IT, Communication and Education Service in the Science Directorate. Salim speaks about six languages and has lived pretty much everywhere!


Nando Patat

Age : 42

Nando’s passion for astronomy started in 1975, when he looked at the Moon with his father's 6x30 binoculars. That vision has stayed with him ever since! In his rare moments of spare time, he likes to play the piano and flute.


Bob EklundBob

Business/technology/science writer, editor, and author

Los Angeles, California, USA

Interest in astronomy : Bob is primarily interested in public outreach. He has served for nearly 30 years with the Mount Wilson Observatory Association, sharing that observatory's history and current research with the visiting public.
Bio : Bob has had a lifelong love affair with the sky, having been raised by a grandfather who worked and lived at Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin. For many years he and his wife, Laura, have helped the Mount Wilson Observatory near Pasadena, California, with its public education and outreach programs. Bob is the author of a book of poetry and essays about astronomy, "First Star I See Tonight: an Exploration of Wonder." Following a corporate career as an editor and business communicator, he now assists local residents with their business and personal writing/editing/proofreading needs. He has also taught French and done French-to-English translating. Bob and Laura find poetry in the sky from their home near the Los Angeles International Airport. See Bob's personal website,

GAM logo translations

The GAM logo is available in the following languages. If your language is not listed, send us a translation and we'll create one for you.


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English: see the Logos and Banners page


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