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GAM 2012 Blog

Each day during Global Astronomy Month 2012 - 30 days throughout April - the GAM Blog presents a new blogger from around the world.

From amateurs to astronauts, from local activists to famous bloggers, from countries and cultures around the world, the GAM Blog covers topics as diverse as GAM itself, and the astronomy community that takes part.


April 30

By Thilina Heenatigala

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We have approached the final day of Global Astronomy Month 2012. As the coordinator of GAM, for the third consecutive year, it gives me immense pleasure to write to GAM Blog how this little idea grow in to a beautiful monster thanks to YOU. Yes, that’s right, thanks to YOU!



Astronomy Outreach: From Local to Global

April 29

By Joan Chamberlin

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Hello, friends. My name is Joan Chamberlin, and I am an amateur astronomer, astronomy educator, and NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador for the state of Maine in the USA.


Amateur Astronomy in Afghanistan

April 28

By Nancy Atkinson

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Most amateur astronomers take for granted that they can just go outside and enjoy viewing the night sky without encountering many problems — aside from keeping mosquitoes at bay or fixing equipment malfunctions.


On light and life

April 27

By Deirdre Kelleghan

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The city on a sun drenched day.  The Spire reflects and swirls the vibrant life of Dubliners mingled with mirrored   clouds and the dominant blue light from our nearest star.


Astronomy in South Africa

April 26

By Fikiswa Majola

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When people think about South Africa, then often think about our beautiful country with interesting flora and fauna and well as the variety of people and cultures and lifestyle that had made us call us the Rainbow Nation.