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GAM News

Winners of the Earth and Sky Photo Contest


Winners of the Second International Earth and Sky Photo Contest on Dark Skies Importance are announced. Two global programs of Astronomers Without Borders came together to organize this annual contest: The World at Night and Global Astronomy Month. Submissions to the contest had been received during the 2011 Global Astronomy Month (April). Submitted photographs were all taken since the beginning of 2010 and were all created in the “TWAN style”—showing both the Earth and the sky—by combining elements of the night sky set against the Earth horizon with backdrop of a notable location or landmark. This style of photography is called “landscape astrophotography.”


Winners of the Tahor Astro-Poetry Contest

In conjunction with National Poetry Month (US) and Global Astronomy Month, The Fleischmann Planetarium and Tahoe Star Tours ran the "Poetry of the Starry Skies of Tahoe Astro-Poetry Contest" for students in two categories, grades K to 6 and 7 to 12. The contest was open till 16 April.





GAM in News


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365 Days of Astronomy - Happy Nights: Dark Skies and Global Astronomy Month
"Stars for All" - Online Remote Observing sessions

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Gam Goes to the Moon and Back

How the GAM logo made a trip to the Moon and back GAM2011LogoMoonbounced

To the right is the GAM 2011 logo looking a bit worn.  It should - this image has has been to the Moon and back.  After being sent by radio to the Moon and reflected off the Moon's surface, the weakened signal was retrieved on its return to Earth after its nearly half-million, 2.5 second trip at the speed of light.

Below is the story of how this GAM logo made it's incredible journey.



GAM Begins!

Global Astronomy Month 2011 has begun with events taking place worldwide.

The GAM Blog has launched.  The first article, The Universe, Ours to Discover, was contrinbuted by Astronomers Without Borders' Founder and President Mike Simmons who describes the road from IYA2009 to GAM 2011.  A great group of authors, outreach professionals and scientists have been invited to write for the GAM Blog throughout April.



GAM2011 Posters Available

If you have events during Global Astronomy Month, here are two posters to help you tell the public about all the exciting activities.
gam2011_poster_landscape_lr gam2011_poster_portrait_lr

The posters are available for download by clicking on the above images.  Or go to the GAM Resources page where you can also find other useful material such as logos, banners, stickers and more.

If you’re still thinking about how to get involved in our global celebration of astronomy, we have 10 tips for you.

Poster credit: Ricardo Cardoso Reis.

Register Your GAM Event Now

Let everyone know about your events for Global Astronomy Month 2011 (GAM2011).

To register your event you must be logged in to an AWB user account.  Just click to register your event here. If you are not logged in you'll be taken to a page where you can log in or create an AWB user account before going on to the event registration page.

For detailed information on how to register your event, click on the “How to Register Your Event” Instruction page.

Important Notes for Successful Registration:

  1. GAM events should be within the Global Astronomy Month dates of April 1-30.  If you have an event outside of these dates that is part of the Global Astronomy Month celebration please contact Jennie McCormick .
  2. Check your Google Map “push pin” placement once your event has been registered.  If it is not placed correctly, first double-check the address you have entered for errors. You can also move the pin on the Google Map until it is correctly placed.

GAM2011 Program Schedule

AWB has planned a rich schedule of programs and events for Global Astronomy Month 2011 (GAM2011), all designed to inform and inspire the public throughout the world. These events are listed below by date. For more information on each program, click on the highlighted links.

Date / Time


March 24 to 4 April Globe at Night - Northern Hemisphere
March 24 to 6 April Globe at Night - Southern Hemisphere
1 April Online Messier Marathon: Observe all the Messier objects remotely
1 to 8 April International Dark Skies Week
1 to 30 April 30 Nights of StarPeace
2 April Around the Ringed Planet: Observe Saturn remotely
2 to 3 April Beatuy without Borders - Saturn Watch
9 April Global Star Party
9 April Stars for All: Observe deepsky objects remotely
10 to 16 April Lunar Week
12 April Walking on the Moon: Observe Moon remotely
12 April Yuri's Night - 50th Anniversary of Human Space Flight
17 April SunDay
17 April Here Comes the Sun: Observe Sun remotely
21 to 22 April Meteors without Borders - Lyrids Watch 2011
28 April, 20:00UT Cosmic Concert - Online Musical Concert
30 April Write Your Name in the Sky!: Observe asteroids remotely
Throughout April One Star at a Time - Fight Light Pollution
Throughout April MoonDays
Throughout April Astronomy without Barriers - programs for people with disabilities
Throughout April Planetarian without Borders
Throughout April Astropoetry for Global Astronomy Month

Make Peace with StarPeace

Throughout April 2011, StarPeace, in cooperation with Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), invites everyone to create a chain of world peace while gazing at the wonders of the night sky as a series of events circumnavigates the world for 30 nights.

Read the announcement here.

10 Ways to Get Involved in GAM 2011 Listed

April 2011 is rapidly approaching and Astronomers Without Borders from all around the globe are busy organizing events to mark the celebration of the month dedicated to astronomy and the beauty of observing the sky.  AWB has provided a list of 10 ways to join them in this global pursuit of sharing the Universe with everyone under the motto One People, One Sky.

Read the announcement here.

April 2011 is Global Astronomy Month

Astronomers Without Borders has announced that Global Astronomy Month (GAM) will return for its second edition in April 2011. The annual event, which engages amateur and professional astronomers, educators and astronomy enthusiasts, celebrates the Universe in the spirit of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 cornerstone project "100 Hours of Astronomy."

Read the announcement here.

New GAM Sponsors

Astronomers Without Borders is very pleased to recognize the following new Global Astronomy Month 2011 Sponsors. These sponsors share AWB's vision of One People, One Sky and provide important support for our programs.


GAM 2011 Media Sponsor
Sky and Telescope Magazine
The Essential Magazine of Astronomy

Planet Sponsor
Oceanside Photo and Telescopes

Moon Sponsor
Woodland Hills Camera and Telescopes

See the GAM 2011 Sponsors and Partners page for a complete list.

For information on GAM 2011 sponsorship opportunities download the Sponsorship Package or contact President Mike Simmons.