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Astronomers Without Borders will be announcing a program to collect eclipse glasses for distribution to other countries for future eclipses. Hold on to your glasses! Ask the company or organization you got them from if they will be taking part. We will announce details soon after the eclipse. We have corporate partners who will be receiving and processing them for us. Please DO NOT send them to AWB! Sign up for our newsletter for more details or follow us on Facebook.

Global Star Party

Victoriano Canales Cerda
01 April 2017
Time: 20:00 until 01:00

Iniciamos el GAM con una plantada de telescopios para observar los mejores cuerpos celestes que nos deje ver la noche.

Puedes unirte a la fiesta trayendo tu telescopio o prismáticos, descubrirás y aprenderás algunos secretos del Universo.

La actividad es gratuíta y abierta al público en general. No hay que inscribirse en ningún sitio, para participar sólo tienes acercarte al lugar del evento que podrás encontrar en la web del grupo cuando se aproxime la fecha:


We started the GAM with a plantation of telescopes to observe the best celestial bodies that let us see the night.

You can join the party by bringing your telescope or binoculars, you will discover and learn some secrets of the Universe.

The activity is free and open to the general public. You do not have to register in any place, to participate you only have to approach the place of the event that you can find in the group's website when the date approaches:

Disabled Access:


Entry Fee:



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