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    I made the astro-photo-tipurituras (APT) above using three images taken in Bucharest as follows:

    In 9 April, sunrise from the solar window of my departed parents.

    1 bucuresti 600

    In 9 April, sunset near the Admiral Vasile Urseanu Bucharest Municipal Observatory, built in 1910 in the form of a yacht and named after its creator, a hero of Romanian independence, a passionate sky lover, and the president of the first Romanian astronomical society.

    2 bucuresti 600

    In 14 April, sunrise next to the Bucharest delta.

    3 bucuresti 600

    1 hours 58 minutes ago
  • Hooked on Training Teachers at McDonald Observatory


    What was the first thing in science that motivated you as a student? What experiences stick with you even until this day? For me getting hooked on astronomy started at a young age. I remember stargazing as a young child with my grandmother and having talks with her about stars and planets. She, who was an avid reader and astronomy enthusiast, gave me my first real memories related to science and helped ignite in me the drive to want to be an astronomer. From there, experiences at...

    4 hours 56 minutes ago
  • 5 hours 21 minutes ago
  • 5 Coolest Features of Distro Astro, Linux for Astronomers


    distroastro-logoNow that Windows XP is retired, many people will upgrade to newer versions of Microsoft Windows. An adventurous few may explore alternative operating systems.

    If you are an astronomy fan, one such alternative is Distro Astro, a Linux-based operating system made especially for astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts.

    Here are five of its most interesting features.

    1.  APOD wallpaper

    Distro Astro has lots of astronomy-themed wallpapers, but the best is probably the APOD wallpaper. If...

    5 hours 42 minutes ago

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