The BIG (Big Impact Giving) Project

Sometimes small donations can make a BIG difference. This unique program creates "microfunding" campaigns on the crowdfunding platform, Fiat Physica. The BIG (Big Impact Giving) Project allows astronomy clubs and other organizations to raise funds for small but essential needs in existing outreach, education, observing activities, and other astronomy-related projects.

BIG campaigns can be for up to 500 US dollars. AWB carefully vets each project. Once approved, AWB organizes, manages the campaign, and guarantees ensures that the funds raised are used as promised. AWB's reach and reputation bring supporters who can also get a tax deduction (US taxpayers). AWB then helps the clubs achieve their goals, whether equipment or services.

Submitting campaign proposals:
Interested organizations should complete and submit this form. AWB will assess our ability to assist with the project and the feasibility of the proposed campaign. AWB will then contact proposals under consideration and work with the groups to create a crowdfunding campaign page on Fiat Physica.

Campaign Proposal Form

To the right is a list of the current campaigns AWB is running. You can click through to a campaign you're interested in on Fiat Physica. EVERY donation helps, regardless of its size, so please consider donating to help an astronomy club or community achieve their goals. Your donation goes farther in these small projects and the return on your investment can be big!

Current BIG Campaigns

Program Goals

  • To help clubs and organisations around the world achieve their astronomy outreach and education goals through microfunding campaigns.
  • Small Investment, Big Impact - we are keeping the monetary goals small (<$500USD), so we can help as many groups as possible.
  • To work with our global community to create change on a local scale.

BIG Blog

Mar 10

Starry Sky Austin: Sparking Interest in Guatemala

by Roberto Molar Candanosa

Children from La Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta in Finca La Merced, Guatemala, recently got new toys to play with: two Orion FunScope Astro Dazzle 4.5'' telescopes. They also got textbooks... Read More..

Feb 24

A Radio Show to Connect Haiti and the Universe

by Roberto Molar Candanosa

The Haitian Astronomical Society (HAS) will soon be hosting live radio programs to teach Haitians about astronomy and update them on recent discoveries. The show will also reach Haitians—and anyone... Read More..

Jan 26

Making a BIG Difference

By Mike Simmons AWB Founder and President Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) recently launched a new program, Big Impact Giving (BIG) , to raise funds for small projects that will have... Read More..

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