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Telescopes to Tanzania - Update on Chuck

Sep 01

Masaai Cancer doctor Dr. Michael Mullane and Cancer warrior

August 27th--- it has been three weeks since the diagnosis of cancer for Chuck.   In that time he has spent all but three of days in the hospital.   Today he is home resting and preparing for the next round of impatient chemotherapy likely to begin later next week.  Alongside us from day one has been an amazing Doctor, who yesterday wrapped  himself in a Maasai Shuka blanket when he visited Chuck sharing the latest updates and information.   Together with the fantastic staff on  3 B at Wheaton Franciscan Hospital, the myriad of Doctors needed for the various complications of cancer and Chemo---  a  Cancer Warrior team has formed.   Today, we are grateful for all of the prayers from around the world….all of the friends and family who stand ready to help and for our faith which helps us cling to the hope of tomorrow whatever that entails.

Meanwhile, the work in Tanzania is healthy and growing.   The Ambassadors continue school visits sharing current information on Pluto and the Kuiper belt which they learned this past July and introducing the use of telescopes to students and teachers in 24 secondary schools.  
The Board of the Centre for Science continues to work tirelessly to secure the site for the observatory.    They now have the site, a contractor,  and have begun the task of clearing the land for construction. 
And, the Racine Astronomical Society is preparing the Cave Cassegrain Telescope for use in Tanzania.

In the promise of the advancement of science education in Tanzania and  a bright future for the children we continue the journey  in hope.  We are thankful for the prayers, cards, emails and support for Chuck and the ongoing work of Telescopes to Tanzania as we give thanks for each day.

Sue Ruehle  


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    About Telescopes to Tanzania

    Telescopes to Tanzania (TtT), a successful program that brings scarce educational resources to one of the world's poorest countries, is now under the aegis of Astronomers Without Borders. Last year we ran a sucessful Indiegogo campaign that raised enough money to start work on Centre for Science Education and Observatory in Usa River Tanzania.

    Ambassadors sharing Astronomy at Secondary Schools in Tanzania

    Recently, Astronomy Ambassadors from the Centre for Science Education and Observatory in Usa River Tanzania have begun their outreach activities.  With a goal of reaching 25 schools between early March and late August, six of the Ambassadors are traveling to schools in remote villages to promote science and astronomy topics.

    These photos depict the teachers as they demonstrate and engage students in a variety of activities.

    Donate to the Centre for Science Education and Observatory in Tanzania through PayPal.


    You do NOT need a PayPal account to use your credit card to donate.

    Students join in a demonstration of the solar system and how planets revolve around the sun

    Ambassador Miley teaching about astronomy using some of equipment provided by Telescopes to Tanzania.

    The work of the Ambassadors is supported by funds raised last summer during an INDIEGOGO crowd funding  campaign and with  support from the Office of Astronomy for Development.

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    Program Goals

    • Visit schools throughout Tanzania
    • Train teachers to teach hands-on, inquiry based science
    • Teach students
    • Train government education officers in understanding science teaching and scientific concepts
    • Bring more NEW science curricula to schools throughout Tanzania

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    Telescopes to Tanzania - Update on Chuck

    Masaai Cancer doctor Dr. Michael Mullane and Cancer warrior August 27th it has been three weeks since the diagnosis of cancer for Chuck. In that time he has spent...

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