Program Goals

  • Present works combining art, science, and culture in presenting astronomy
  • Provide different perspectives on the intersection of art and science
  • Present astronomy as the source of inspiration in art and culture
  • Provide a residency program for artists to make use of AWB's community and resources in creating unique works of art

Latest News

Mar 23

Verses from the Rubaiyat

by Omar Khayyam

Translation by Edward FitzGerald, First Edition of 1859 (Quatrains I - XI) I. Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to... Read More..

Mar 23

Astroartist of the Month - Simon Kregar (3 of 4)

by Simon Kregar

The Science of Beauty What is art? Pretty pictures? Colors and patterns arranged to create an emotion in the observer? I would argue that art, for at least 35,000 years... Read More..

Mar 21

Spring Equinox

By Christina Sng, Singapore

spring equinox seven more planets that may bear life Image courtesy of NASA Editor's note: March 20 is the date when days and nights are the same length, everywhere in... Read More..

Mar 20


by Harley White

An equinox is, for everyone all over the earthly globe, a time when through the center of Sun (that essential daylight strobe) passes the equatorial plane… This paired biannual state,... Read More..

Mar 20

Vernal Equinox

by Oluwafemi Funmilola Adbisi, Nigeria

It's another Vernal Equinox, Another March Equinox, The First Day of Spring, When the Sun's most direct rays fall on the equator, A state of equilibrium throughout the Earth, On... Read More..

Mar 20

Changing the Sky-Scenery

by Bob Eklund, California, USA

On our walk tonight Betelgeuse sets in the west, Arcturus rises. Read More..