Marcelo de Olivera Souza, National Coordinator, Brazil by Peggy Walker In the northern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro, about 286 km (178 miles) from the city proper, lies a municipality and city—Campos dos Goytacazes. Here you will find AWB’s National Coordinator for Brazil, Marcelo de Olivera Souza. A professor and Dr. of Physics, Marcelo is a natural networker and a champion of teamwork. Campos dos Goytacazes has a population of 463,545 in an area of 4032 square km, (1557 square miles) and is the largest in the state. At an elevation of 14 meters and with a...

Donna Burton, National Coordinator, Australia by Peggy Walker Donna Burton, Siding Spring Observatory astronomer shares a view of the sun using a Solarscope with Year 10 student Amylee Payne. The subject of our June Spotlight was selected for her pivotal location for her assistance with the Transit of Venus. Donna Burton, who can be found at Siding Spring Observatory at Coonabarabran, Australia, is a very passionate, real, committed role model. Her outstanding contributions to the world of astronomy and astrophysics make the AWB community—and the world at large—richer. Donna was born in the Queensland Bush area of Australia. She is...

Sarah Abotsi-Masters, National Coordinator, Ghana by Peggy Walker Sarah Abotsi-Masters Who would ever think that because of the vision of one man—Dr. Jacob Ashong—a most brilliant ball of energy would shine so brightly in Accra (pronounced “akrah”), Ghana! Sarah Abotsi-Masters is a British-born citizen of Ghana, and is a happily married mother of two young daughters who has been known to paraglide and abseil! Accra comes from a word in the Twi language, “nkran,” meaning “ants,” due to the many anthills found in the countryside. This extremely peaceful city was once a busy hub for the European slave traders, due...

Joe Stuebler – AWB National Coordinator for Austria. By Peggy Walker. Joe Stuebler, Austria Nestled in a cozy spot in Central Europe, Austria's north border is shared with the Czech Republic and Germany, its eastern border with Hungary and Slovakia, its southern border with Slovenia and Italy, and its western border with Switzerland and Liechitenstein. Oesterreich, to use the German name given to this region back in 996 a.d., was home to several Celtic tribes. Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, is one of the 9 states which, when combined, provide 32,377 square miles of alpine climate—thanks to the Alps...

Dang Tuan Duy: Vietnam By Peggy Walker Ho Chi Minh City coordinates - 10* 46’ 10” N 106* 40” 55” E Bao Loc City is 180km from Ho Chi Minh City The country that is newly represented in AWB in 2012 was in the limelight of the world just a short forty plus years ago. As a young child, all I saw on the evening news were reports of the Vietnam War, with no idea where this country was located. This narrow country wraps around the borders of Cambodia and Laos and meets up with the Chinese border in the...

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Nov 17

Astronomy Outreach

It is said that we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. Young Innovators believes in giving back to the community and ensuring that in the process the young minds benefit... Read More...

Nov 16

Celebrating the Week of Science in Managua, Nicaragua

November 12 , 2015 Activity from the Astronomy Club of León, Nicaragua. Outreach in Managua, Nicaragua during the Science Fair organized by the National Council of Universities, Nicaraguan Council of Science and Technology and Government Entities. Read More...

Nov 16

The Moon in Vienna

The Moon in Vienna today evening. This picture was made with a Skywatcher 150/750 telescope and a Canon EOS 1200D camera. Read More...

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